Supermodels Secrets SDN BHD (110331311K) is a beauty e-store focused on offering beauty products that works, without burning a hole in your pocket (uh, unless you buy everything in our store at once =P).Your beauty is our priority, and the quality of our products weigh importantly in our product selection. We bring in only stuff that works, and not just anything for the sake of filling up our e-store front. If you have any doubts or worries about using our products, fret not as every product that's offered in our store has gone though painstaking research and/or personal usage and/or testing by our founder, Michelle C or her family members (Feel free to ask her!She'll be happy to answer your queries). She also engages her team of willing and happy guinea pigs to try and test sensitive products before it is launched here, if she is not testing it, someone else will before it is posted. (She exercises human rights, so pls don't report her to the authorities yah). Supermodel's Secrets is all about models' real beauty secrets and hence it's name. Read our founder's message to know more about us~

Enjoy safe shopping, we will try our best to make your shopping experience a happy one!=)

Company info:

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Message from the founder:

In a nutshell, Supermodel's Secrets is inspired from my personal beauty secrets. Since our inception, the very question that's been fielded by everyone around me is this: What inspired me to start Supermodel's Secrets?

It's a pretty long one, if you'd bear with my barrage of text yeah. ~ Anyway, here goes:

I’ll start off with a little bit of my personal history which inspired me to take up modelling, and which in turn, spurred and inspired the birth of Supermodel’s Secrets.

After my graduation in 2005, I was working in the rat race for about close to 4 years. In early 2009, I had to resign from my job due to health reasons. I’ll not go into detail here, but basically I’m blind on my right eye due to a parasitic infection that left a scar on my retina and it has also taken a toll on my immune system. Read my story here or below:




Upon my resignation, I had to look for an alternative job that's not too taxing as I've got bills to pay. I decided to try my hand at modelling/performing to see where it takes me. I've been modelling for the past 2 years, and I must say, it is indeed a tough industry to keep up to as I gotta look good at all times. Looking good is not easy as I'm not well-endowed from head-to-toe. I'm an ordinary looking lady without all that "jazz". In other words, I'm a plain Jane without heavy make up, and beauty tools to enhance my looks. I realised over time that in modelling, one has to spend loads of moolah to fake whatever they lack ie, boobs, butt, eyelash, sharper nose, hair extensions, etc. Most of the items are hard to come by and it is never cheap nor convenient to obtain these products. I never believe in going under the knife too, and hence I look for alternatives that works almost as well or just as well, only when needed. My beauty regime and skincare are important too; I believe in natural ingredients to maintain a youthful skin. Whatever is in Supermodel's Secrets is chosen/tried/tested by me and I personally endorse each and every product.

Over the course of my modelling, I stumbled across products that can enhance one's looks instantly, and it was rather hard to obtain. I had a lightbulb moment after such situations and voila, the birth of Supermodel's Secrets. =)

PS- Below are some of my modelling work, using various beauty enhancements I personally endorse here ie the basic stuff - bumpits/bra clips, clip on bangs, Magic Eyes, magic bra pads, butt enhancements, fake lashes, hair extensions, etc.These stuff work for me, I hope it works for you too~ I believe, everyone is beautiful in their own right, and anyone can be beautiful, really lots of Michelle

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