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Soothes, heals, protects

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Carmex Lip balms~ USA's No. 1 Lip balm for 10 Years
It SoothesIt Heals It Protects
No 1 Pharmacists Recommended Lip Balm!
Featured on Oprah, various TV channels and TV series and Mags in USA/Europe:
10 Years in USA!
Carmex is used by Celebrities, Models and make up gurus in USA and Europe!
Video of a make up guru in USA using Carmex:
As seen on Oprah Winfrey show and HBO's Sex in the City Series and many channels listed here:
Carmex's beauty award by Cosmo Girl magazine UK:
Some 3rd party reviews here:
In U.S. , this item is a top seller in pharmacies nationwide.
It featured on E! Entertainment channel as well under STRIPPED program whereby you can find the best beauty products used in U.S and used by celebrities.
It’s a proven fact: soft lips are just more kissable. And since you never know when someone might want to nail you with a big sloppy one, you ought to keep Carmex® lip balm with you at all times. Carmex lip balm restores the moisture that wind and dry, cold air can suck right out of your lips. One of the moisturizing ingredients in Carmex lip balm is cocoa butter, a natural emollient.
What’s this I hear about Carmex and supermodels?
Carmex lip balm has been the best-kept secret of models in the United Kingdom for many years. As they’re scarfing down natural diuretics like pineapple juice to slim their tummies, they’re using Carmex under their color to keep their lips moist and pouty.
Active Ingredients:
Octocrylene 9.0%, Octinoxate 6.7%, Oxybenzone 5.4%
Inactive Ingredients:
Petrolatum, Lanolin, Meadow Foam, Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Camphor, Menthol, Phenol, Salicylic Acid In A Mixture Of Waxes And Fragrance.
Sunscreen: SPF 15+
Made In U.S.A.
Flavored Lip Balm (0.15 oz.)
Limited units available
My personal review:
When I first tried it, I never went back to any other lip balms. This is seriously the best one I've ever tried. I have slightly dry lips and carmex work really well to alleviate it and it moistens my lips the whole day! I love the starwberry stick and Cherry tube. The cherry one smells really sweet! I have used other lip balms before and most left my lips with a scaly feeling after using them for awhile, but I don't get it with Carmex. It's a gem of all lipbalms I'd say. The packaging isn't impressive but the product does what is says it does. 4.5/5 stars from me =)
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Carmex Lip Balm - Original ClickStick

Carmex Lip Balm - Original ClickStick

Soothes, heals, protects